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The U.N. of spirituality. A multi-cultural community supporting seekers in their spiritual journey!

About Us

Established and founded in 1994 in North Carolina — we have been working to connect with and support spiritual Seekers from all paths and cultures for 29 years! A sense of community and guidance is so key and beneficial on one’s spiritual journey. We exist to help provide that guidance and the resources & provisions you may need along the way!

Provisions For Your Journey

Coined as the United Nations of Spirituality, Kindred Spirits is a multi-cultural spiritual center that represents the diversity as well as the inclusivity of the spiritual journey of life. Home of the Kindred Spirits’ Makers Collectivewe are proud to support an amazing array of artisans and creatives who produce spiritually oriented, locally & intentionally-handmade products. We also offer a varied collection of ritual & metaphysical tools, cultural curio, ethically & sustainably sourced spiritual supplies, readings and spiritual services. All of which are authentically made, curated and provided by our experienced Ritual Practitioners from diverse spiritual lineages.

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The Mystery School

Knowledge & education are core tenets of our mission at Kindred. We understand that starting your spiritual journey or becoming more intentional about developing your disciplines and practice can be a daunting & overwhelming experience. And believe me, we’ve all been there!  There is so much information circulating online which can leave you feeling unsure of what to trust, what to apply, and how to give real form to your spirituality. Our Kindred Spirits Mystery School was designed to help with just that!

The 101 Series of our Mystery School is a compilation of 10 introductory classes to educate you on the basics and framework of metaphysics, ritual & spirituality. The entire series is path-neutral, meaning that the information you learn will be of good support to your journey regardless of the path you take. We are excited to be offering this resource in a virtual format for the very first time ever! The virtual edition of this series allows us to offer so much more flexibility and value to you; like the ability to connect with other Seeker‘s from around the world, access to our Digital Resource Center, Live Q&As and recording replays to watch and re-watch at your own pace & so much more! The live classes will be starting this April and you can enroll now to join them all or just the ones you need. You can find a full listing right below in the Choose A Plan section!

We’re so glad you’ve found us & we look forward to supporting and connecting with you!

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